JWAlive – Live music at JWA

JWAlive is the John Wayne Airport music performance program intended to enhance the guest experience at the Airport. Live music performances are accessible to ticketed passengers only, and are made possible by John Wayne Airport, QSC, and Keyboard Concepts. Below is the JWAlive music schedule and information about the musicians. We hope you will be able to enjoy one of the performances when visiting our Terminal!

Performance Schedule


  • Evan Roth
    Born and raised in Orange County, California, singer/songwriter and composer Evan Roth writes songs that captures experiences that are universal to life and are told with an introspective and honest sentiment. Playing classical piano at an early age and growing up on an eclectic diet of Billy Joel, ELO, The Cure and Frank Sinatra, Evan began performing throughout southern California developing his sound. It is essentially pop music with alternative influences. Roth released his debut EP, The Way It Was, in 2016.
  • Jason Feddy
    Jason Feddy was born in the city of Leeds in the United Kingdom. He left school at 16 and, after a couple of years drifting around Europe and the Middle East, returned to England and formed the rock ‘n roll band Officer Dibble, which he fronted as a singer and guitar player. Going solo as a singer/songwriter soon thereafter, he spent the next couple of decades touring and making albums, acquiring accolades and notoriety along the way. Feddy has been featured in the prestigious London based Time Out (magazine) and on the cover of the Classic Rock Society journal. He tours in Europe regularly to this day and has written songs for film & TV.
  • Lauren Black
    Lauren Black is a folk/pop singer/songwriter originally from Phoenix, AZ. She is currently living and working as a full time musician in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA. She first discovered her love of music when she was asked to sing a church solo at the young age of 3. It was not long after that Lauren decided to dedicate her life to sharing her voice and musical gift with others. In the fall of 2014, she released her first original and ironically titled EP “Nineteen.”

  • Tim Onan
    Tim is a seasoned artist and can play old and current top40 songs, he can keep the party going and at the same time play softly if requested.
  • Tyler Simmons
    At the age of five, Tyler Simmons received his first main stage role in a musical theater show in Wilmington, North Carolina. After doing nearly 60 musical theater shows and stage productions by the end of high school, Tyler began focusing more on contemporary styles and went on to Berklee College of Music as a scholarship student. After graduation, Tyler decided to move to southern California, where he first held a position at Interscope Records. Since then Tyler has been performing throughout LA with his trio Inatmos, as well as solo, and is currently recording an EP in Orange County. Tyler regularly works as a producer where he focuses on vocal production and mixed media work.